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Inventors' Showcase


Calling all inventors! Do you have an electrical/mechanical device or software program that is unique and want to show it off to others at MASTERs? We have the perfect opportunity for you to do this!

Have you developed a unique electronic/mechanical product, technical software or service that you want to show off to your peers? Bring your design to the Inventors' Showcase Event at MASTERs and show off your awesomeness! Just let us know what you are bringing and we will arrange space on a table for you to use. There is no cost for participation but you must let us know ahead of time what you will be showing. Please be advised that space is limited. We will provide electrical outlets at the table and wireless internet is available in the room. Anything else (computer, monitor, advertising material) is up to you.
Sign up for the Inventors' Showcase Event at MASTERs 2018!

Thursday evening Aug 23 from 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Room TBD)

Anyone can participate! Attendees and/or family members including kids! Microchip employees, family members including kids are welcome as well. No age limit!


  • Contact Kristina Johnson at to register for this event and provide your name and invention information.
  • Table space is limited and will be provided on a first-come basis.
  • No open flames, no weapons of any kind, no food products or anything considered offensive.
  • Electronic devices do not need to have Microchip products in them but we would prefer that they do.
  • Attendees and attendees’ family members are allowed to sell products but Microchip employees and family members are not allowed to sell any product, software or service that could have any connection to Microchip.
  • We reserve the right to prevent any device from being shown and to remove any product for any reason.