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Evening Classes

In addition to our regular daytime classes, We’re offering classes in the evenings that cover various topics. These classes do not require you to register. Seating is limited and is available on a first come-first served basis. These classes will take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and will begin at 7:30pm.

We are currently creating the optimal mix of evening classes to offer, so check back later to see the full class listing.


Alexa Workshop

Come join us for a demonstration of how to connect, control, and monitor a Microchip Sensor board with a voice activated digital assistant.

Compiler after-hours

Come and join the fun again this year! Bring your toughest questions about code, the compiler, languages, licensing or optimization! All’s fair in this no-holds-barred after-hours extravaganza.

Efficient product development with tools from IAR Systems

In this class you will see how development can be made more efficient with tools from IAR Systems. Your will see how IAR Visual State can be used for design and code generation of state machines, how static analysis can be performed in the developers environment on daily basis with C-STAT, and how IAR Visual State and IAR Embedded Workbench can be used together to debug your system.

Microchip Academic Program – What Can Be Done to Prepare Our Future Engineers

It is common knowledge that there is a shortage of engineers in the embedded systems talent supply funnel. The Microchip Academic Program was established to help inspire students to pursue engineering careers and insure that the next generation of embedded systems engineers gain experience with Microchip products and tools as they acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful. This session will provide a summary of some of the biggest challenges facing post-secondary engineering education, what Microchip is doing to help support those challenges, and what industry engineers can do to help. It will provide an opportunity for practicing engineers to share with professors how their education prepared or did not prepare them for the workforce. It will also provide an opportunity for professors to let the engineering community know how they can help prepare our future engineers. Members of academia and anyone interested in helping to prepare tomorrow’s engineers are welcome to attend.

MPLAB® Mindi™ Simulator Fundamentals

Design of precision analog circuitry and complex power management systems is greatly simplified by powerful simulation tools and device models provided by semiconductor manufacturers. In this self-paced, hands-on class, you will learn how to build and analyze circuits using the MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator Tool. A workbook will be available to provide step by step instructions on how to get started and simulate both linear and time varying circuits. The frequency domain response for closed loop systems, transient analysis and noise effects in signal conditioning are but a few of the various simulations covered in this class.

Trinity preview

Why does Microchip have three different code composer tools? Don’t you wish there was only one? Come see the one. There can be only one! Take this opportunity to influence the future of code composer tools at Microchip, with a sneak preview and feedback session of “Project Trinity.”