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Evening Events

Keynote Address

Join Steve Sanghi, the CEO of Microchip Technology Inc., and your colleagues as we officially kick off the Annual MASTERs Conference on Wednesday, August 22, 5:30pm in Grand Saguaro North/South. Dinner immediately follows the Keynote.

Comedian, Don McMillan

Join us for a hilarious hour with comedian, Don McMillan. Appropriate for all ages, families welcome. You don’t want to miss this event! Thursday, August 23, 5:30pm in Grand Saguaro North/South

We are pleased to offer activities especially designed to entertain and educate all attendees, including children who attend the Conference as guests. We hope you enjoy these free activities and look forward to any feedback and suggestions you might have for future conferences.


Ask the Experts

Here’s your chance to ask our engineers design and development questions relating to any of our Microchip products. Experts from every Microchip department will be available to help answer your most pressing questions. Be sure to stop by after classes.

Aviation Academy

Did you ever get in trouble for flying a paper airplane in school? Here's your chance to fly one without getting a visit to the principal. Come see if you can design and fly an 8-bit PIC® MCU-powered paper airplane. Once it's built, you get to use the entire conference room to fly them in. It will be a fun and challenging event for all ages!

Beer Pong

Have you ever wished to have the abilities of a robot? Control the strength and aiming accuracy of your arm? Now is it possible as the game of beer pong is getting an upgrade - with robotic ping-pong ball launchers. Get ready for a challenging new twist on everyone’s favorite drinking game. You can also play with non-alcoholic beverages, or no beverage at all. Beer &robots » best geek entertainment session EVER!

Bus to Fry’s Electronics

Join us for a trip to the local Fry's Electronics Super Store. They have a great selection of electronic components, games and much more at reasonable prices. Seats fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up early at the event kiosks located in the ballroom lobby.

Casino Night

Join us on Friday evening for a night filled with games of skill and chance. There will be casino games as well as video games for the kids. Chips will be exchanged for raffle tickets and you will have a chance to win some great prizes at the end of the night! Don’t miss this fun event!

FIRST Robotics

Microchip is a proud sponsor of FIRST Robotics. Combining the excitement of sports with science and technology, high school students build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. Come meet the teams and check out some of the amazing robots they have built!

Micro Crickets

Microchip has been invaded by silicon crickets and they are making a lot of IR noise. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to track down these crickets hidden around the resort. To aid in your hunt, you will receive a handy cricket translator which will make their IR chirps audible and your job is to track down asa many crickets as possible in the time alloted. Your score will be based on the number and type of crickets you find. Good hunting!

Inventors' Showcase

Come and see what your peers have developed using electronic/mechanical products & technical software, as well as Microchip products. You will have a chance to chat with the inventors and even purchase some items.

RC Race Cars

Have fun driving the Traxxas Slash against other attendees. Crashing, bashing, laughing and celebrating. Who doesn't love RC cars and racing!? This is your chance to drive one and comete with other MASTERs attendees. Think you are the best driver? Come to this event and show us. All ages welcome.

Saguaro Lobby Gaming Area

Come by, unwind and enjoy your favorite games, or challenge someone to a game of Pool, Foosball or Ping Pong. We will have multiple tournaments going on throughout the week with prizes for the winners.

Texas Hold’Em

The high rollers are back with this wildly fun Texas Hold’Em contest. Be sure to sign up to sit at one of the tables and let our dealers get you started in the competition. Find out who the best player is in the end!

Zorb Ball Experience

A Zorb Ball is designed for those who are seeking excitement. It's a big bubble soccer ball which covers the entire human body. We won't make you roll downa hill in one, but rolling around on the ground and bumping into each other will certainly be good for a few laughs! Stop by and compete with the other attendees while staying protected inside your Zorb Ball.

Additional Activities

Guest Meet and Greet

Are you bringing guests with you to the MASTERs Conference? Friends, spouse or children? We will be offering a meet and greet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 am in Grand Sonoran F, for your guests to attend. They can enjoy snacks and drinks, pickup a schedule of daytime activities and meet the resort Concierge to answer any questions they may have about what to do in Arizona during their stay.

Guest Afternoon Activities

Daytime events are offered on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday for our attendees’ guests. These events are complimentary and include various crafts for the attendee’s guests and activities for the kids. More detailed information will be provided at the Meet and Greet meetings. Join us and meet other guests while having a great time.